How to become a supporter

ATO relies on subscriptions from its members and income from supporters to operate and represent its members.

Becoming a ATO supporter provides you with an opportunity to have your company logo on the ATO website, with a 500-word description of your company and its products, at an annual cost of £300 per annum. This opportunity will provide exposure for your company, and your support will assist ATO to represent tree officers when dealing with matters concerning central government and regional local authorities.

One of the benefits of becoming a ATO supporter is direct access to sponsorship opportunities as and when they arise. Being a ATO sponsor will provide your company with additional targeted exposure.

Please contact the National Co-ordinator on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are interested in being a supporter.


Our Supporters


RA Information Systems is a professional IT company, expert in delivering managed IT services, successful in development and implementation of specialised enterprise software packages for over 30 years.

EZYTREEV: Tree, TPO and asset management system
Designed and developed to support large-scale tree management organisations such as county, city and borough councils, housing associations, universities, water companies and zoos. ezytreev is recognised as the market leader in delivering efficient data collection, inventory analysis and maintenance of trees and physical assets.

The system is Cloud-based and delivered via the Internet. ezytreev integrates with GIS Mapping showing tree/asset location and it is optimized for the use on desktop and mobile. It is available on Android, Apple iOS or Windows 10 devices. ezytreev’s integrated SmartSync system allows on-site data collection with the reassurance that work is never suspended due to limitations on connectivity to the Internet.

A consistent performance and active commitment to customer service has made ezytreev the market-leading software in the UK & Ireland urban tree management industry for over 30 years.

For more information please visit:
or contact: 0330 223 1133, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Barcham Trees

Barcham Trees in addition to being the largest container tree nursery in Europe are now the only nursery in Europe to offer independent verification as to the physiological health of their trees. Using leaf fluorescence, chlorophyll content and electrolyte leakage as measures, over 45,000 trees have been tested over a three year period. At a time when tree health is in the spotlight such testing is another assurance of tree quality, health and fitness for purpose.

GreenBlue Urban

Founded in 1992 Greenblue Urban was set up to research and provide solutions for assisting trees in their battle to establish in urban spaces. Global distribution and continuous product development ensures that specifiers and clients alike are using the best tree pit package products available in the world.

The GreenBlue Urban ArborSystem brings together the key elements of successful tree pit design and simplifies the planning and installation process. Landscape professionals can combine root management, structural soil components, aeration, irrigation and chose an appropriate above ground surface grille and vertical guard in a single package.

To discover more on our innovative products please visit our website